Monday, May 16, 2011

Lil Miss

I've been feeling a little guilty lately...
I didn't get to making Ansley an Easter dress, she gets all the hand me downs, I haven't been as good about posting her progress each month like I did with Avery...
2nd kids get the short end of the stick-

So here is a post of Lil Miss Ansley

who is getting into EVERYTHING!
<9 mo. stats>
she weighs 16 lbs 8 oz
and is 27 3/4 in. long
She also now has 4 teeth!
She is Avery's #1 fan and is ALWAYS trying to keep up with her!

Sweet Sisters

Ansley is a very determined little girl- she does not let big sis push her around!
I always know if Avery or one of her friends has taken something from her because she lets out this really loud grunt/shriek, tries to get the toy back on her own and if that fails she comes quickly crawling or looking for me!

 Already a little flirt!  
 She knows the meaning of the word "NO" very well!
After she hears me say it she quickly avoids eye contact and buries her head in her lap or the ground.
UNLESS she has something I don't want her to- in this case she quickly sticks it in her mouth or tucks it in her hand and bolts as fast as she can in the other direction! - Cute Little Stinker

During the move all she wanted to do was climb all over the boxes
She loves to play and have FUN!  & is such a SMILY little girl:)
 Joey really is Super Dad!
Such Cute Kiddos!

She has also figured out how to move these chairs to more easily reach things she wants-
it makes me so nervous!
But she thinks its HILARIOUS

 I could just eat her up ALL. DAY. LONG.
Between her and Avery I am one busy Mama

Lastly, she is Sooooo Close to Walking its scary!
She puts herself in a bear crawl position then pushes up off the floor in a standing position and has taken 2-4 steps several times.  {First time was 5/6/11}  It is only a matter of time...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Step By Step

While the house construction and renovations are far from being complete I thought it'd be fun to track our progress-
These are some pics I took while we were first looking at the house

 This wallpaper was the first thing to come down once we closed on the house!

Joey and I could see it had potential and have been working on it since we got it.
 I'm becoming quite the "handy-manny", Avery tells me.
 Not complete- (I'm searching for the perfect rug, lamp and antique chair within my meager budget!)
But Still there is something satisfying about turning an ugly (or not so attractive) area into something more beautiful ~sigh~

More updates to come!
ps If anyone wants the ceiling fan- its yours (now don't everyone fight over it at once;) 

Monday, May 2, 2011


We began the festivities with an Easter Egg hunt Good Friday with lots of our church friends
It was very muddy, but made for some good puddle jumpin' for the kiddies!
Avery and a few of her buddies 
Off to hunt eggs!
I actually forgot my camera for the egg hunt-- But some of my good friends got these great pics of my kiddos!  Thanks gals:)
Ansley and Theo
His mom and I had the same due date... He is two weeks older!

& Sunday the Easter Bunny paid our new house a visit!

**I really wanted to be moved into our new house for Easter so- we moved in Easter weekend.
In my mind it all worked out nicely and envisioned us being all settled by Easter morn.

This was not the case and yet again my unrealistic expectations didn't turn out as planned
BUT I did finish Avery's Easter dress by 3am Sunday morning (in time for Easter) and we had a Fantastic Easter morning. (Despite boiling water for baths and our big key fiasco- but we'll save that for another post)

 This is not how I pictured Easter morn in my head but still good:)
We also talked about the resurrection and in my primary class I ventured from the book a little and let all the kids talk about Jesus (their favorite stories and how they feel about him)
It was such a refreshing Sunday and yet another reminder of how grateful I am for our Savior's sacrifice for each of us.

 The girls and the goodies

 Our friends from GA shared Easter with us and it was a treat!
I would have never stayed up til 3am to sew alone...
 Pics of our CUTIES
 It must be impossible to get 4 kids to look at the camera all at once

 Ansley and Carter
I know she loves having a play date all the time like big sis
 Avery and Aubrey
 Neither are looking
But this is them:)
 Ansley was loving huntin' the eggs
 Such a big girl-- makes me a lil sad
 & of course lovin' the chocolate