Sunday, September 13, 2009

In case you missed it...

As most of you know I am one of TAYLOR SWIFT'S biggest fans and tonight at the VMA's she won best music video of the year for you belong with me! GO TAYLOR! If you have never seen it before you should check it out on; it is sooo cute! Well, as she was humbly making her acceptance speech, Kanye West, (pardon me, but one of the biggest idiots of all time) ruined her moment by telling everyone Beyonce had the best video, and in case you missed it here is the link to the video

Poor Taylor, she looked like she was about to cry:( The video doesn't show it, but the crowd started to boo Kanye and lots stood up to give Taylor their support! Beyonce is talented, but it doesn't matter if you agree with the award or not, you don't go up on stage and steal her big moment.... He is such a jerk! Although this pic was taken as Kanye was saying his spill, didn't she still look stunning?!?! GO TAYLOR SWIFT!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our little Avery turned 2!

Our little Avery Madison turned 2 on Tuesday so we had a fun little party for her over at Granma, "Pit-paw" & Pogo's house! [Avery distinguishes her grandparents by their dog... Texas Granma and Pit-paw have Scruffy and Georgia Granma and Pit-paw have Pogo] We played games and ate pizza and cupcakes! I can NOT believe I am the mother of an absolutely BEAUTIFUL and ADORABLE 2 year old!

It seems like just yesterday that she was so small and we brought her home with us from the hospital! I know I am a dork, but I was looking through photos of when she was still a baby and got a little emotional. She has blessed our lives in so many ways over these last two years! Time really does go by way too fast!!
Daddy still adores her as much as he did here!
Avery has always been a ball of fire and soooo much FUN! Its hard to believe she was small enough to fit inside our popcorn bowl, but she loved it when daddy pushed her around the living room in it! :)
Avery at 1 week old! So precious!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The things we teach our kids...

Daddy and Uncle Jason have taught Avery that every time she sees this picture of a gator to say, "Florida Gators stink, P-U!" and she holds her nose. So, kids really do pick up on these things because on two occasions she remembered what she had been taught (& was not prompted by Daddy or Uncle Jason.) I am in the kitchen baking with Avery and we of course had ESPN on tv. She starts tapping my arm to get my attention saying, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy." I finally look up from cracking the eggs into the bowl and she points to the tv (where Tebow is in an interview with the gator symbol behind him) to tell me "Mommy, Gators stink, P-U!"
The next occasion is even funnier... She was in nursery and playing with a puzzle piece of an alligator similar to the Florida Gators symbol. She took that piece around in the nursery telling the kids that "Gators stink, P-U!"

So yes, we were all disappointed after the Dawg's loss Saturday but its ok, we'll get the Gamecocks this weekend! GO DAWGS!!!

Avery and Kayden playing at Kayden's house on the day of the OSU/ UGA game. The girls had such a good time and were so CUTE in their Georgia attire!