Saturday, October 10, 2009

Look Who's Growing Up

Our little Avery is growing up before our very eyes! We've reached a few big mile markers this past month and before school starts getting crazy again, I wanted to take the time to document it! (+ we got a new camera, so picture taking is so much more fun!) Above is a picture of Avery bouncing around before church, and ready to hurry and get to NURSERY!!!
I love this picture because it sums up Avery and her outgoing, never-ending, fun loving personality! :) (It was time to go to bed and she comes into our room, jumps on the bed, then plays a hiding game with dad, that he can't resist, and this results in bedtime getting pushed back another half hour...)
Although I put a diaper on her at night, for the most part she is officially potty trained!!!! YAY!!! I have not changed a dirty diaper in 3 weeks, and today I took the plunge and left her in her "big girl panties" to go shopping and run errands.... NOT ONE ACCIDENT!!! WOO HOO! We practically used the restroom at every other place we went to, but I was so proud of her! I love the idea of not changing diapers:) above: I found Boots (the stuffed animal in the pic above) in the bathroom and Avery tells me, "Boots go potty too."
Avery also got a "big girl bed", courtesy of "Gwanma and Pit-paw Pogo"(Thank-you). So, for about 3 months Joey and I were waking up to a surprise guest in our bed (Avery). She would sneak in so we would not tell her to go back to her own bed and since we have been desperately trying to break this habit. Ever since she has had her "big girl bed" (she is so proud of it), she has only snuck into our room once! :) She will wake up and tell us, "I sweep well, in my bed the WHOLE night!" We just go on and on about what a good girl she is and that keeps her sleeping in her own bed! [The sunbonnet quilt was made by my 90 year old Grandma for her bed and she loves the little girls. Grandma always does such a good job]
The first picture taken on our new camera! Man, I love these two!
So, I am always wanting Avery to let me do her hair and for her to actually keep her hair bands in her hair, but she always pulls them out :( A couple Saturdays ago she made my day.... I had just finished doing a hair cut on a friend of our and after he left Avery climbed up in the chair and wanted a haircut. I took full advantage of this opportunity, draped her and started trimming away. She was so good and excited that she even let me round brush blow dry her hair, put a bow in it, and she kept it in the whole day! Here is a picture of her that day, She is so stinkin' cute and she sure made her hairdresser's day!!!