Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kitchen in Stages

When we bought the house:
 The kitchen gutted, new sub-flooring and paint:
 Joey and I opted to save some $ and do the flooring ourselves (with the help of my brother)
 Oh and Avery too!
 Such CUTE workers
 Flooring complete:
With Appliances:
 Excluding light fixtures and cabinet hardware its FINISHED-whew:
I've never been so excited to cook and do dishes before!

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend we headed down to my parents house!
The guys went fishing early Saturday morning and they caught quite a bit.
Avery joined the guys and said she loved it.

She doesn't look so sure...
Later we headed over to Shreveport for the Mudbug Festival.
I have been telling Joey about this since we have been married and was excited to take him even though he does not love crawfish like I do;)
 So I know this pic is a little tacky but I can't help but laugh because there was another one of these set up in the kid area and the display was with mudbugs in the sun.  The line for that one was really long and I didn't feel like waiting.  When I saw another picture cut out place with no line I gave the camera to mom and rushed back with Joey to hold the girls up.  I guess this is why there were no kids in line for this one...:)
The rest are pics from the festival with the family.
We love being able to spend time with them!

Grandpa introducing Ansley to crawfish
My baby brother
Its always fun to go back to the ward I grew up in
Ansley seems so grown up to me now  :(
Mom got a new dishwasher while we were there and Avery and Joey made a house out of the box.
I love that Joey gets older and older but still he knows how to be a kid!
He is the BEST
Blowing Bubbles with Grandma
My good friend growing up and College Roomie Robyn came in that weekend too and we got together with her and her husband Sunday afternoon.
We talked and laughed and reminisced on old times.
Robyn with Ansley
Our last weekend with Mingi.
He left to go back to South Korea and we will miss him!
When we got back we headed to opening weekend at the neighborhood pool.
The girls LOVE the water!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was such a treat this year!
My Mommy came up to visit and helped me with our new house.
We started out in the flower bed and between myself, mom, Mingi and Joey we pulled out all the old stuff, including 3 stumps and replaced it with this:

The girls loved spending time with her.

Originally Dad hadn't planned on coming up BUT I think he felt like he was missing out on all the FUN-  all this stuff is right up his alley.
He called in and got off work so he could come up too!
He pressure washed the back decks for us (see how he put TEXAS in it as he was doing it)
and cleaned out the creepy crawl space.
He is pretty AWESOME!
Mom helping me out;)
Mingi and Avery working
Avery loving on Grandma
Ansley loving all the popsicles Grandma feeds her

My girls love Mingi so much and so do we!
Joey and I call him our Brother from another Mother;)
It was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend
& I didn't have to cook, clean, or change diapers!!!!

Adventures with the Wallentines

 The Wallentine's, some friends of ours from GA, came out and stayed with us back in April and May while Ryan did a rotation for PA school at Arkansas Children's Hospital.  It was a crazy time (with moving and the construction on the house) but it was a FUN time! 

 We went to different parks and grilled out frequently. 
These pics are taken at Pinnacle Mountain Park.
The girls would rather play in this little creek than on the playground.

 Cute Carter (I LOVE THE FOHAWK!)
If I ever have a little boy he WILL have this hairstyle!!!!
 For Ryan and Kristen's anniversary they went to the symphony here in Little Rock- courtesy of the Myers- and we had a fun movie night with the kiddos.
These two are what we like to call DOUBLE TROUBLE and LIPGLOSS QUEENS... the list goes on
Kristen and I have decided the best description for these two would be "Frienemies"
When they were having fun and sharing they were the best of friends BUT when they were arguing we wanted to string them by their toes off the balcony;)  (not really of course)
 We went to see Belle at the library for storytime.
 Avery loved her!
 Pic of all of us with Princess Belle
 So you'd think that if one of these two were to be the bully- it'd be Carter- I mean he's twice her size!
But no, it was all I could do to keep Ansley from being too rough with him!!!!!  She loves him:)
 We also celebrated Easter together!
 We made a trip down the park on the river with Abigail and her girls
(& this is what Kristen would look like with 6 kids hehehe)
 & Avery wants us to get a minivan now!
 We couldn't let them come to LR without seeing the Ducks at the Peabody Hotel
 Lunch at the Rumba Room on the river- CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH MEXICAN FOOD!
 More fun times at the park
 & this $8 kiddie pool occupied many hours of our time!!!!
 They all loved splashing around in this

 We also took a weekend trip to Memphis and the girls were excited to have a slumber party!
 We love our daddies!!!!
 & love when they get home!!!!
Our last night we made a fun trip over to Chuck E Cheese.
 It was a FUN 2 months!
We miss them and these CUTE kiddos!