Monday, November 23, 2009


Avery had so much fun this year for Halloween. She loved the idea of getting lots of candy. Joey and I ran to the thrift store and picked out costumes that totaled $11 for the both of us! I was D.J. Shockley and Joey was an old school golfer (The Legend of Bagger Vance). The night of Halloween we headed out in the rain to take Avery trick or treating in Marietta. We did a quick practice round at Grandma and Grandpa's and it didn't take long for Avery to figure out that all she had to say was trick or treat and she got candy! We are still trying to teach her what the "Good Candy" is...Why is it when kids get to pick out the candy they reach for the dum-dums, candy corn or taffy? CHOCOLATE is the stuff to pick!!!
There is a family in Joey's parents ward that we have become good friends with and they have a little girl just a few weeks older than Avery. We went trick or treating with them in the rain!
Avery and Finley...SO CUTE!
Avery's favorite activity at our ward trunk or treat. She could have cared less about the candy at this station. She just wanted to play in the water and keep the rubber duckies.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN (Only a month late)


**This may be a little lengthy (but it is fun for me to reflect on everything that got me to this point!) So back in March a group of us from our stake got together and trained for a marathon relay. At this point running more than the 4.3 miles had never crossed my mind and I was content until... Tenille became my full time running partner/one of my most fav friends ever and as we ran more, she'd casually mention she'd like to add a mile to our route. Eventually we were running 10 miles. We would begin our runs at 5:30am to beat the GA summer heat, and 4-6 mile runs, we referred to as "short runs!" Never in my life did I think I could ever run that far without walking! Unfortunately, Tenille and her family moved to Delaware in June, but before she moved I promised we would do a 13.1 mile run. We did it but it took me 2 hours and 25 min. (Tenille just finished running the Baltimore Marathon with an AMAZING time & she is pretty much my hero!) I thought that I might slack off after she moved, but after 4 months of a consistent running schedule, I am addicted to running and in July I signed up for the Silver Comet half marathon 10/31/09. A group of us began training. Because of my school schedule I was only able to do 3 days a week but my running schedule looked like this, Tues: 4 mile run Thurs: 6-8 mile run and Sat: 10-12 mile run. So if you don't already run or like to, this is why you should... Its a great way to start the day, you have more energy, its healthy, and it helps and carries over into other aspects of life. For example, whenever I am thinking I can't fill up 2 more pages of a 10 page paper assignment I think, you can run 10 miles and at mile 8 you're so close to finishing, just tough it out and finish strong! Running is such a mental game, so if you can beat it, you can beat so many of life's obstacles!!! Enough of that, here is SILVER COMET RACE DAY!!!
My racing buddies and running partners. Emily (in the blue jeans) she trained with us and was my main running partner until she got a stress fracture in her foot 4 weeks before the race:( She gave her spot to her husband and came to cheer us on!
Here we are anxiously anticipating the start
It rained (downpour)on us the first 2-3 miles, but the rest was just a light mist which was perfect for the remainder of the race. I had been reading lots of runners blogs before the race trying to find the best source of energy snack to use during the race. Unfortunately, most people said to use the GU gels (which I had previously tried and made me want to vomit), so I went to buy some Cliff Shot Blocks instead. While I was there a worker was putting out these new GU chomps, (which are the same consistency as the shot blocks but provide the same energy of the GU packs). I used these and loved them!
Here comes Amie and I heading down the home stretch! So remember back when I first ran 13.1 miles and it took me 2 hours and 25 min. I was shooting for a goal time of 2:11 (averaging a 10 min. mile) Well, I looked at the clock and it read 2:04. I started to tear up (partly because I could not believe it and partly a fulfilling feeling to see the finish of something you've worked so hard for), but it made it hard to breathe. I choked back the tears as I saw Avery and Joey and gave all I had left to sprint to the finish line with a time of 2 hours 5 minutes and 24 seconds!!!
My in-laws were so sweet they were holding this sign for me at the finish line and cheering me on with Avery and Joey! The sign was in pink and green which ironically matched us so we got a picture!
My biggest fans:) Joey was such a trooper and so supportive of all the time (Sat. mornings) I put into this. He stood in the rain from start to finish of my race having to hold Avery the whole time because I thought her shoes were in the car and they weren't:( I love them so much!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Uga VII: 2008-2009

Yesterday was a sad day in the Bulldog Nation as we mourned the passing of Uga VII. He was four years old and died of a heart attack:( This one was special for us because it is the one that Avery got to meet! In case you didn't know Uga comes from a prestigious line of English Bulldogs and any puppy that comes from this line is sold at a minimum of $10,000. Inside Sanford Stadium is the grave where all previous Ugas have been buried. RIP Uga VII!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FALL Festivities

WOW! It has been more than a month since my last post...just a little bit of what we've been up to. We took a trip up to North Georgia and hiked Amicalola Falls! It was a nice 2 hour get a way and Avery loved the waterfalls. We went with some friends of ours and had a really good time.
After a little bit Avery was not thrilled about walking anymore, so Daddy volunteered to carry her.
Family pic half way to the top
Here is Avery and Logan (Our adopted Athens Family, the Beckstead's) invited us bowling with them. Avery and Logan play so well together (sometimes too well, with a little bit of hugs and kisses) but are so CUTE!
WHy pay for bowling for the kids, they had fun playing in this little truck without putting money in it?!
Uncle Kevin moved back to GA to prepare for his mission.... We all decided a hair cut was MUCH needed!
Avery with the traditional nutter butter ghost cookies, which she devoured
Uncle Karl flew down for a visit from Utah and we had so much fun, including late night outings to the Waffle House...mmmmm:)
Pumpkin carving (and Kevin's new hair cut, SOOOO much better!)
Their completed pumpkin (Nice job guys)
The traditional weenie roast and s'mores at Granma and Granpa's
Avery with all her cousins. I love watching her try to run and keep up with them! They are so sweet and always are sure to include her.
Avery and Taylor BUDDIES
This puts into perspective how TALL she is! At her last dr. appointment a few weeks ago her height was barely under 3 feet (in the 96th percentile) but yet her weight was 26 lbs (in the 38th percentile). Tall and skinny little thing, and so darn CUTE!
Daddy and Avery in the Watkinsville Pumpkin Patch. We were disappointed with it this year; all the pumpkins had a bad side or were rotted so we just got a few pictures and went to Dawsonville in North Georgia. That Pumpkin patch was like none I've ever seen before!
I LOVE the country for this reason... Where else can you go and ride a COW train?!?!
Family pics in the Pumpkin Patch
This is the one in Dawsonville! I highly recommend it, definitely worth the beautiful two hour drive. They had pumpkins bigger than Avery!!! + hot apple cider, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin bread, pecan logs, basically any yummy fall treat you can imagine... I was glad we took the time to head that way!