Sunday, May 17, 2009

An A+ visiting teacher

On May 13 this week my visiting teacher proved to be the most AMAZING visiting teacher of all time..... She celebrated my birthday with me for the second time this year:) Here's the story:

I get a knock at my door to find my visiting teacher (Sister Whiting with gift in hand) and her husband greeting me with the Happy Birthday Song! My birthday is actually March 13, so I nervously smiled and awkwardly (but gratefully) said thank you. She then got a confused look on her face in response to my not-hidden-so-well reaction and asked, "is it not your birthday?" I didn't know what to do; I didn't want to embarrass her, but felt a little guilty for celebrating and taking a gift for a birthday that was not really mine. I then told her that my birthday is March 13 and she said she must have misread her vt-ing sheet cause she had just quickly glanced at it. Mar and May do look very similar! We got a good long laugh out of it and she said she just really didn't want to miss my birthday! So, I reaped the benefits of having 2 birthdays this year and a new beach towel to take on our fun trips over to Sandy Creek. This is what I call an A+ visiting teacher and we will get some good laughs out of this now and for years to come! Sister Whiting & Charis (you were missed while you were in Cali)-- ya'll are the BEST visiting teachers I could ever ask for!!! (& not only because you gave me a 2nd birthday this year)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just some FUN STUFF!!

Little Miss Avery and yes, she thinks she is Hot Stuff!

Fun times coloring with Uncle Jason. She gets so excited when he comes out to see us on the weekends, but lately if Hannah is with him, she is all Avery wants!! After our relay marathon and Joey's softball game, Roman and Kayla invited us up to the Lake house and it was a ton of fun! Avery loved the boat:)
It was such a perfect day to be on the lake! (still a lil too cold to be in it)
Cute Cody with his mohawk and Avery playing on the boat
With the semester ending we headed over with Tenille and her two girls to Sandy Creek and let the kids play. Here is Avery and Sadie playing in the sand.
CONGRATS to Mama Graham!!! Not only did she finish her nursing degree this year while raising kids and having a large family she was awarded the Spirit Award for all of Georgia Highlands College and we are so proud of her!!
Grandma and Grandpa Yates with Mom. We played games after the awards ceremony and I beat Grandpa by 4 points in Oh Heck. This is a big accomplishment. I am going to frame the score sheet!
Hannah and I after the Lake Hartwell Dam Run 10K! She placed 2nd and I placed 3rd in our age group...(there weren't many in the 20-24 year age group) Cause Hannah's time was somewhere around 51 min and mine was around 64 min. It was funny when they called out my name I swore there had to be another Rachel Graham :)
After finals we drove out to TX for a quick visit and surprised my mom for Mother's Day! We had a great time and Avery loved TX and did pretty well on the 11 hour drive. Above: Avery and Uncle Ryan (he's "Texanizing" her with some authentic cowboy boots)
Avery with Daddy and Grandpa on the piano. The piano, Scruffy, and trampoline were some of her favorites at Grandma and Grandpa Grebe's. She had a blast!
Avery and her shoe fetish. In Grandma's church shoes.... she walked pretty well in them.
I just love her!!!