Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Avery is all ready for church, but a little cranky.... (& I couldn't get her to look at me for a picture) Her mood changed as soon as we pulled into the church parking lot. From the backseat Avery started shouting, "YAY, Church, YAY, Church!" Joey and I both smiled and pray that she always has this amount of enthusiasm for church :) This is one of the many ways she makes parenting so FUN & rewarding! We love her sooooo much!

Friday, June 26, 2009


As of last Friday evening at the Roswell Mill, Jason and Hannah are officially engaged! We are so happy for them and I can not wait to have her as a sister in law! They make such a BEAUTIFUL couple and she fits perfectly in the Graham family! (she is the youngest of 5, having 4 older brothers) For details on how he proposed, you'll have to ask them...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Another reason I love living in Athens, GA!!! During May and the beginning of June, Washington Farms is our favorite place.
There are rows and rows of strawberries to be hand picked. The first trip over there Avery and I went with a few of our friends (who are also moving soon :( .......) We grabbed our buckets and set out to pick...
Avery and Sadie may have done more eating than picking(the fronts of their shirts were clear evidence), but they had fun! (Tenille with the girls)
Tenille, Sadie and Riley We love them!!!
After we finished our strawberry picking we headed over to the petting zoo area of the farm. The girls had fun feeding the goats.
Avery and Sadie chasing the chickens!
The bunnies! I think these were Avery's favorite ;)
The next trip out there we took with the cousins! This is how excited Avery gets when I tell her Anthony is coming over!
Avery and her buddy Anthony! out the door and off to Washington Farms
Avery helping daddy pick strawberries! [Growing up my Grandma had strawberry, blueberry and blackberry patches just like Washington Farms but on a much smaller scale. Going here reminds me of the fun times we spent out in the garden and I love watching Avery create her own memories with Daddy]
After all the picking was done, the kids played in the play area. (Avery, Nicholas, Taylor, Anthony, & Christopher)
& while we there my sister in laws and myself got caught up having too much fun... Remember the days when you used to just take fun "modeling" pictures of yourself, well we were goofing around decided to take some pics.... Here is Jill:

Jill & Kimi.... Hotties!

& Kimi
& me... They told me to make a seductive look, but after taking on the "mom" title making seductive looks feels unfamiliar...

Cute little Avery playing in the sandbox
the rubber ducky water pump races.... gotta love the COUNTRY :)

Avery trying to help Aunt Kimi beat Daddy...

Jill slid and fell a little in the mud, but its ok there was a watering trough to wash off!
when we got back to the apartment the kids had a pizza party while we made strawberry jam and pie!
Having fun making our own Jammin' Graham assembly line!
I can't remember the name of the ingredient Joey had Jill try but it was nasty!
Almost finished with the jam
& a yummy Strawberry pie! I love how Joey is poking his head in the picture!

Monday, June 8, 2009

This is a little late...

Our good friends the Wallentine's moved from Athens the end of May and we were sad to see them go.  The Wallentine's and ourselves were both married in 2006 and moved to Georgia, then had our babies around the same time, and have had many more things in common so we were really sad to see them leave.  When I worked at Regis, Kristen watched Avery when she was 6 months old!  Thanks for all the fun times; you are already missed greatly!!! Here are some pics of Avery and Aubrey's last play date!
     Avery's fish face :)  It cracks me up every time!  & the girls playing in the toys

We had to have one last Waffle House run!  Its fun to laugh about now, but when these two were little neither one of them would sleep through the night!  It would drive Kristen and myself crazy (especially to hear some of our other friends whose babies were the same age as ours were sleeping 8-10 hours through the night).  So, when they wouldn't let us sleep we'd go to Waffle House and take the babies:)  You'd think I'm lying but twice we all packed the kids up at 2AM and went to order an All Star Breakfast at the Waffle House!  We have some good memories:)