Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Funny Episodes

Now that little Miss Avery is quite the talker, she has made us laugh on several occasions and keeps us on our toes...

Episode 1: Avery's prayer When we have our family prayer we take turns between the 3 of us. This night it was Avery's turn and one of us will help her.

Mommy: Dear
Avery: Dear

Mommy: Heavenly Father
Avery: Heav wee Fader

Mommy: Thank you
Avery: thank you

Mommy: for
Avery: five, six, even (& then we about lost it..... We'd never heard her count past 3 before!)

Episode 2: [Quick little preface: Whenever Avery wakes up in the morning or from a nap I always ask her if she slept well]
We were house sitting for the Beckstead's (a family in our ward) and I had laid Avery down for the night around 9:15. At 10:45, Joey and I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. A little irritated, we waited on her to get to the bottom and round the corner all the while wondering why in the world she was up. As she sees us she says, mornee (morning) mommy, I seep well! After that adult like phrase, with a sweet smile we let her stay up with us for a while!

Episode 3:Lunch

Mommy: Avery, what do you want for lunch?
Avery: cwabby patty ( I think we may watch a little bit too much of Spongebob!)
Does anyone know how to make a crabby patty?