Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Fun

 Avery and Ansley helping mommy bake in the kitchen
Avery's idea of decorating was load up as many candy pumpkins and candy corn that will fit onto the cookie as possible!

This is her singing "popcorn popping" during FHE
She said it was a concert--man she makes us laugh;) 

October would not have been complete without our traditional nutter butter ghosts ~YUM
& Ansley started rolling over! 
The girls all dressed up and ready for the trunk or treat at the churchAnsley was happier before I put her kitty cat make up on...

So many of the kids in our ward had such creative and beautifully made from home costumes I was impressed and in awe at the talent of the women in our ward!!
Unfortunately I didn't get pics of all of them but I did get some

Avery's friend, Sam dressed up as Bob from Veggie Tales (his mom made it!)
& the mustard bottle costume also made by his mom (this is a boy in the primary class Joey teaches)

Me and the girls!  I passed out the candy with Ansley while Joey took Avery around
The Jesse costume Riley is wearing is also home made/sewn by her mom chaps and all!  

Avery loved the cake walk

'Pretty in Pink'

 This girl is also in Joey's primary class.  I asked what she was and she told me- one of Lady Gaga's backup dancers!  Love it!

 Avery's buddies, JT and Drew the pirates!
 Another preschool buddy, Henry the Knight (His mom also sewed his costume!!!)  He was really proud of his boots!

as if we couldn't have gotten enough junk already we had to stop for ice cream on the way home
Joey insisted!
 Then for some traditional door to door trick-or-treating!
 Ansley was very alert and attentive trying to take it all in; She seemed to enjoy it all!
 & We Love it too because 5 years ago Halloween is when we met...

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This week preschool group was at our house:

A few pics from 'free play' time
These kiddos crack me up!!!
Preschool day is the highlight of Avery's week, along with nursery :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekend Family Fun

This last weekend Joey had a research Conference in Fayetteville at the University of Arkansas
He presented his work from the lab he worked in this summer-- During the first year he will do rotations through 3 different labs before he starts on his actual project for his Dissertation.

The poster says: Regulations of P62/Sequestosome 1 during Oxidative stress Proteasomal inhibition and Aging
I honestly try hard to understand it but in simpler terms he studied the effects of aging-- want to know more and you better ask him...

Reynolds Razorback Stadium
Where the Bulldogs beat them last year!!!
(As for what happened this year at Sanford Stadium I'm still in denial...)

This made me like the Razorbacks more- I guess they needed to expand and it looks like they just took some bleachers from a high school stadium and stuck them up on top! I like the thriftiness and maybe the expenses that could have been used went towards their English program?!?! I'll entertain the thought

After our time in Fayetteville we stopped at a place called Devil's Den and went for a hike with the girls
It was a BEAUTIFUL place

Daddy and The Girls

Pictures in the visitor's center showed this but with water just pouring over the rocks- its been so dry that it was just a trickle:( But still Pretty

This picture was actually taken after our hike! Avery hung in there- only because we promised ice cream

In front of the caves
We couldn't go in because of the bats and the white nose disease

Family pic

Ansley stayed awake and kept looking around for the first half and then she was out

The Crevices

Happy Halloween Spider

It was a nice, short but FUN weekend activity
Avery was our leaf collector and kept trying to collect all the colors she could;
the backseat of our car was quite colorful on the way home!

Our picky eater- we told her we couldn't take the pepperonis right then cause we were driving, so she found a way to get them out of her way:)

Monday, October 11, 2010


Ansley's Baby Blessing 10-10-10 --This date won't happen again for another 100 years!
Joey blessed her and it was a BEAUTIFUL blessing
& She looked BEAUTIFUL too!

Sweet Baby Ansley
{The lady who made this blessing dress, that Avery wore too, is the same lady who made my blessing dress back in 1985!}

We woke up the morning of the blessing and I go to get the dress and it had somehow yellowed on the collar and down the front. I went into panic mode but between the hours of 8 and 9am, my mom and mother in law were able to get it cleaned and ready for her to wear in time for church! & in time for us to get there early enough to get a seat together! Whew :)
Joey's family made the 9 hour drive to stay for only a day to be here with us for this special occasion!

Avery giving Jeni one of her puppy dog kisses... she was a good sport about it!
Ansley getting lots of sugar!!!

My sweet mom drove up to be with us too! I don't think I give her enough credit but she has been so awesome! Within the last 4 months she has been up here to help 5 times including staying longer to be with us after my complication with delivery. I don't know what we'd have done without her-- LOVE YOU LOTS MOM!!!

Ansley and big sis
Cute pic of Joey and his mom!
All tired out and cuddled up with Grandma!
Such a sweetheart