Saturday, April 16, 2011

GA trip

For Spring Break we went to Georgia!
Our first stop was Roman and Kayla's house (Dallas, GA)
Avery was very excited to see Cody and they played and played!!

We went and ate hot wings, took the kids to the park and Kayla and I got a little shopping in!

We were very excited that the Georgia Bulldogs made the tournament this year although they didn't get very far...   
Ansley still cheered them on:)
 Next Stop:  Athens, GA
We stayed with Hannah and Jason.  Avery was VERY excited to see Roxy and get to play with their dogs.
 Uncle Jason taught Avery some stuff on the PS move
I was surprised by how well Ansley was with Hannah and Jason's dogs.  She warmed right up to them despite their urge to give her lots of kisses.
While we were in Athens we also went and visited Brian and Claibourne.
We drove up to Jefferson and had dinner together and the girls played.

 It was so fun to be reunited with so many of our old friends back in Athens.  When we walked into church it was so nice to exchange hugs, tears, and laughter with old friends as we quickly caught each other up with recent happenings.  The ladies also changed playgroup to accomodate me and I got more time with some of my dear friends and their kiddos;)  It was a treat!!!

Avery with her buds Kayden and Addi
 Avery and Addi
 Ansley enjoyed the swings and the weather was perfect!
 We also went visited and had dessert with the Beckstead's while we were in Athens.

Ansley's buddies 
Azilee, Ansley, Mallory & Andrew(Mallory's twin--not sure how he escaped the pic)

 Midweek we headed to Marietta to Joey's parents house.
Avery and Taylor had a makeover party where they painted their finger and toenails and put on lip gloss

 They also did lots of coloring with the new crayon tower Uncle Kevin got for Avery.
 Ansley always wanted to catch up with everyone and not be left behind-
 she learned very quickly how to get up the stairs...
She was quite pleased with herself and now mommy does not get a free moment!
The weather was incredible we spent a lot of time outside
like on the trampoline!  Avery's crazy hair with her funny faces;)

& Crack the egg with Aunt Kimi
We got to spend a lot of time with Aunt Kimi!!!! (which means LOTS of laughter!)

 Ansley and Grandpa!
 Ansley got her turn on the trampoline too and she was LOVING it!
 The girls loved the extra time they got with Daddy too!
 We also went and cheered on Jeni at her track meet
 The Crew playing Bochi Ball
 More girl time
 Then Jill and her kids came over and played too!
 They built fortresses, played with play-doh, hide and seek and many other fun games

And Grandma and Grandpa watched all the kiddos while Joey, Jill, Kimi Jason and myself hit up our fav mexican restaurant in Marietta Los Cazadores and had a great time!

We loved our trip and by the end we were all exhausted!!! & Avery cried all the way to Birmingham, AL and told us she wasn't ready to leave yet...

1st half of March

First part of March Joey had lots of tests, judged an elementary school science fair, and also helped with campus visits for the upcoming prospective graduate class at UAMS.  Things were busy, busy, busy. But For my birthday a couple of my sweet friends here coordinated with Joey and put together a surprise 'Thai' (my fav) birthday dinner for me!  It was DELICIOUS and meant a lot especially considering both of them were in that first trimester of pregnancy and VERY sick, yet still managed to cook the yummy meal!!!!  Thanks gals!
Avery thinks she is Ansley's mommy sometimes and since Ansley is so light she will just pick her up and carry her around places. (Makes me a little nervous but Ansley always has a HUGE smile on her face; she loves being with big sis)
Somehow we managed to squeeze in a quick Memphis weekend trip and went to the temple!  It was so nice and it had been a while since we'd been... 
& I'm learning to worry less about messes and just let them have fun:)  I still worry about little pieces as Ansley loves to put anything she can get her hands on in her mouth.
On my actual birthday some friends of ours from GA came out to visit and both girls loved getting to play with little Evie.
& my sweet mom and dad also came up just because and got to spoil and love on the girls while she was here:) 
Avery and I get some time together while Ansley naps and recently during this time we like to bake.  Well, if licking the spoon and bowl CLEAN counts as baking:)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


 This "Diamond in the Rough" has consumed A LOT of our time these past few months
BUT after 3 months of having an offer on this foreclosure, inspections, lots of paperwork, an appraisal, and a final walk through-- its OURS!
We are very excited!!! ESPECIALLY Avery
We have already started working on it and Avery is always outside playing collecting leaves, sticks and flowers:)
We hope to move in in 2 weeks and maybe I can get the blog caught up on our recent happenings.
Including a FUN trip to GA and excited to have some our BEST friends from GA here with us for this next month while they do a rotation at Arkansas Childrens Hospital!!!!!