Thursday, January 22, 2009


When Avery was somewhere around 7 months her first babble was da-da. Then we'll fast forward a few months to when she finally got the hang of da-die, daddy, daddy. She is all about her daddy! (probably because many days I come home from school to find all the cushions off the couch and on the floor. Then, somewhere among their midst I will find Avery and "da-ddy" laughing and having a good time.) Well, about a month ago before we left for TX around Christmas, Avery started calling Daddy, "Yoey!" We definitely knew she was talking about Joey/Daddy cause she'd distinctly be wanting him when calling, "Yoey, Yoey." At first it was hilarious but I could tell Joey wanted to be called daddy, so the GA Uncles along with myself have tried to make an effort to call Joey, Daddy in front of her. I guess I wasn't trying hard enough, because today she started calling him...
"honey, honey!" Kids are so smart and pick up on the funniest things! Either that or she is very confused at this point....who is this guy my daddy, Yoey or honey?!?!
I had to include this picture too because lately before we leave to go somewhere Avery will go look in the mirror, touch her face or hair and say, "pretty, pretty." There is always something fun, new and exciting with kids and we LOVE IT!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

NEW YEARS IN ORLANDO (it doesn't get better than this)

So last year for New Year's we went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl, and this year our Bulldogs didn't finish out the season the way most had expected but were invited to play Michigan St. in Orlando at the Capital One Bowl.  We decided to make this a tradition and were much more excited to go to Orlando.  We were fortunate to be able to go and leave Avery with such great babysitters!  She got to stay at her Aunt Jill's and play with her cousins!  It's nice to have her close; we alternate watching each other's kids so we can both rejuvenate our relationships with our spouses! :) We set off for Orlando on the morning of the 31st and made it to Orlando around 10pm after picking up one of Jason's friends from EFY in Savannah.  We were tired after a 8 hour drive, decided to get something to eat at this really great restaurant called Antonio's and spent New Years watching the ball drop with Ryan Seacrest and my fav Taylor Swift! I know we are lame...

The next morning we headed to downtown and went to cheer on the GEORGIA BULLDOGS!!!  The first half was not our finest hour but Stafford redeemed himself in the second half by completing 14 of 17 passes for 250 yards and 3 TD!  WE WON!!!  Sadly, Stafford and Moreno will be entering the NFL draft.  I think we'll still  be good next year though!

All the players came over to the student section after the awards show and Moreno was directing the band!
The next day we went to see the temple!  It is gorgeous!
The Best Part of the Trip:  Yes, this is Richard G. Scott himself!  We ran into him in the bookstore and I was so excited and asked him if he'd take a picture with us.  He replied, "yeah just make sure you just get our faces, I've gotten bigger over the years."  What are the chances.... it was AMAZING!!!
   Mini golfing at Pirate's Cove
              Game Faces on!!!  (yeah I lost)
Joey deeply concentrating on his stroke (not having a clue what was going on while I was taking the picture)... However, he made a hole in 1!
  Last of all, DISNEY                   MAGIC KINGDOM  This was so fun, acting like kids all over again.  Joey had never been before so it was fun to watch him "experience the magic"
            I liked to think that Joey and I were a prince and princess while we were here in front of our castle..... ( laugh, but you know you would too!)
The castle all lit at night!  It is breathtakingly beautiful!
Buzz has them both beat!
Buzz Lightyear was our favorite ride!  We rode it 4 times and I lost every time. The quality of this picture is bad b/c it is a picture of the screen; they charge $22 for one of these pictures.  Crazy huh?!
Donald Duck in the parade
  See I told you I wanted to be a Princess  and as for Joey...
  He'd rather be Goofy, and that's why I love him so much!!!
We had a great time but were excited to get back to our lil Avery Madison!  Our trip couldn't possibly have been better!  Football ( a win at that), Disney, and seeing an Apostle of the Lord, it doesn't get better than that!!