Friday, August 24, 2012

New Stuff

I really want to get back into the blogging world!  I've missed it.  After our crazy summer- Joey submitting his proposal, preparing for the oral part of his Qualifier, presenting at a research conference in Park City, UT, finishing up some projects for a paper, & I had been babysitting a little boy up until the end of July (I did it for 8 months), pregnancy sick and exhausted- not to mention Joey was juggling 2 demanding callings until a week ago.  I developed a whole new level of respect for single mothers and more appreciation than I already had for all Joey's help! Ok now enough complaining cause this week has been a breath of fresh air!  I feel like this is the start of a new phase in our life!  

Firstly-Joey passed his Qualifier earlier this month and NEVER has to take another course for the rest of his PhD career.  Now its hardcore research time(which he loves so he is SUPER excited the course part has come to an end!)  His induction ceremony is in September and he will get his white UAMS lab coat!  We're pretty proud of him!

Next- We are excited to announce that BABY #3 will be joining us in February and I was able to get in with an AWESOME high risk Dr. here. It has really put me at ease and I feel really good about things:)  The girls are beyond EXCITED and now that Avery knows, she has been much more sympathetic to my tiredness and not as short with me about being "slower."  Ansley is always wanting to raise up my shirt and says, "Baby"!

& My baby girl started Pre-K!  & while it may not seem like a Super big deal, it is because here Pre-K is all day.  Joey and I went back and forth on this decision for a while; we considered Preschools that are only 1/2 day and other 3 days a week options BUT with her birthday causing her to miss the deadline for Kindergarten by 8 days we decided to do full time.  She has been begging for school and this week has been such a success.  It has made me so happy to see her excitement to go, get things 'perfectly' ready to go, and all the stories she has to tell me when I pick her up!  

First Day of School

On Day 2 Here are 2 conversations we had in the car on the way home:

Avery: Mom, I was really tired today so I said a little prayer that I would fall asleep during nap time and I did.  Heavenly Father answered my prayer Mom.
Me: Avery that's so good, if you are ever needing help with anything know you can always turn to Heavenly Father.  *I was feeling pretty proud at this point*


Avery: Mom, I also made a new friend at school today.
Me:  That's great, what is Her name?
Avery:  No, mom- His name is Eli. and he hugged and kissed me then told me, "we're going to be Best Friends!"
Me: (trying not to freak out-we're only on DAY 2) Oh well where did he kiss you?
Avery: on the cheek
Me:  ok ( and I decided to drop it at that point) I was caught off guard and didn't want to make it a big deal/say something wrong/over react, etc..- What would you have done?!?!?! I decided to wait for my better half to get home.

When Joey got home she recited the same story to him and he asked her if she kissed him back.  She told us she did but just on the cheek.  Joey told her very calmly that she should just give hugs and only kiss Mommy, Daddy, Granma & Granpa.  Avery then asked, "but Why? you kiss Mommy?"  Are we really having this convo with a Pre-ker?!?!  Joey and I replied at the same time but with different answers. 
Joey: you don't kiss other boys until you're 16
Me: you don't kiss other boys until you're married

She said, "Oh,  OK."

I think she got the gist of it:) (at least I'm hoping)
This is a pic Eli drew her
 A pic she drew of her and Eli- is this beginning already?!?!

& a project they worked on today at school.
They cut some of their favorite things out of a magazine- 
I wasn't surprised to see makeup, flowers, and yummy desserts on her paper!

She proudly laid out all her work for me to see after school today.
& Lastly, Ansley and Mommy are enjoying a lot of one on one time together!  While we enjoy play dates with friends as well, Ansley has proved to be quite the little helper.  She is really good at helping me unload the dishwasher, press the buttons to start it and put clothes from the washer to the dryer.  She does tell me at least once a day, "I want Avey!" and when I tell her it is time to pick up Avery she lets out a shrill of delight and races down to the car!