Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We have been looking forward to this day since she broke her leg on Good Friday &

After being "layed up" for the past 3 1/2 weeks we are happy to report that our Avery is...

 We have been celebrating! 

What we didn't know was that our sweet lil Ansley could be so dramatic?!?!

I guess she was feeling a little attention deprived (really how could that ever be?) She came to me very concerned, and pathetically uttered, "mama, look (well it sounds more like uk)" to show me a very small blister on her foot.

I tried not to chuckle cause I knew exactly what was going on.

Joey and I carefully wrapped her blister until she approved. 

  Then she happily hopped right up and did what she's seen sister do.

 What am I going to do with these girls?!?!?!

**Avery did inform her that the only good thing about having a cast was that it was pink and her friends signed it.

 On another note I feel pretty bad...
The whole time Avery had her cast, she complained about her heel.  I kept asking if it was in pain or uncomfortable. She would say both, but go back and forth.  We finally shoved a butter knife down in the cast and kept it in there because she said it felt best.  I felt pretty horrible when we found this blister after the cast came off:(  No wonder she complained about her heel... Poor girl!