Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Success X 2!

Firstly, I have had many friends and family express concerns and ask if Joey is doing alright after viewing the last few posts of Joey in pics with no eyebrows and eyelashes. The answer is Yes he is fine, I haven't been hoarding all the food :), he didn't pull it out because he is stressed and my fav.... no he didn't lose a bet:) He has alopecia aereota (an auto immune disease which results in loss of hair). It moves around and the most recent spot it has hit is his eyebrows. There is no cure for it they just say to live a healthy lifestyle and it should help. [We think it got so bad that last semester of school because of how stressed and crazy things were, sleep deprivation and we ate out almost every night of the week :/ ]

Now that I have a bit more time I have been making a conscious effort to get up and make a hot breakfast at least 4 days a week and have been experimenting with different recipes. I AM PROUD TO SAY: WE HARDLY EAT OUT ANYMORE!!! & I am loving being in the kitchen! A few nights ago I made blackened salmon with Quinoa vegetable salad (a recipe I took from a friends blog... http://maresfoodandfun.blogspot.com/) and Joey told me it was one of his favorite meals:) I was so excited, especially because when he first looked at the Quinoa dish he was not excited and because Quinoa is a healthy food which contains more protein than any other grain.

The second dish I made was sweet potato/black bean & chicken quesadillas. I found this recipe on a different blog http://www.tasteandtellblog.com/ and we loved it!!! + it was different than the traditional quesadillas that contain lots of cheese and butter and much healthier :)

So while Joey is off in school working in his research lab little does he know I am doing some experimenting of my own.... I'll find a new recipe (a healthy one), make it (trying to disguise its healthiness) and if the family likes it I'll keep making it. We'll see if this has been a contributing factor and if it will eventually help with his alopecia!!! Oh & Did I mention how excited I am that Little Rock has a Farmers Market!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

All About Avery (For a little bit longer anyways)

So I thought I'd have more time to do this now that I am SAHM, which I am LOVING, but time seems to fly with kids activities, (building forts, story time, playing dress up, going to the pool... rough life huh?!) my dr. appointments, grocery shopping, dishes, meals, laundry, and cleaning. I'm not complaining though I really do love it! Although I'm far from being on top of things, its a lot better than how far behind I always felt when I was in school!!! And now: The Update I've been promising (+ I'm sitting at the computer waiting on pics of my new nephew)... Back at Christmas Avery found Aunt Kimi's makeup and went to town... Once Joey and Aunt Kimi found her they could not get upset because they were laughing so hard... instead they decided to encourage her and this was the end product! When she saw herself in the mirror she was very surprised! I think this is mine and Joey's biggest weakness in parenting, sometimes its so hard not to laugh at some of the things she does that she ends up getting away with way more than she should!

In March we got a 6 inch snow storm, which is a lot for Athens! (I don't mind one or two of these a year... but that's about my max) Avery loved playing in the snow:)
Anytime Aunt Hannah leaves her purse and high heels out and then can't find them, there is a good possibility Avery has them! This became a habit with every visit:) (We miss them living so close!)
At Aunt Hannah and Uncle Jason's wedding Avery got her finger shut in the temple door and her nail came completely off! She milked this "boo boo" for weeks and had to tell and show EVERYONE! [I'll post pics of the wedding on another post]
One of our weekends with Jill's kids... We trade off with kids so we can get some good date nights in with our spouses! Every time we do this I am reminded how different boys are... Joey and the boys came up with this game called "bull rider". How it works: they clear the room and make a ring of all the blankets and pillows they can find in the house, Joey puts a belt around his chest (as a strap for them to hold onto) and they use a mouthguard. They each get a ride on the bull (Joey) and I time them. The one with the best time wins. The first time little Christopher got thrown off and bounced off the couch I ran to make sure he was ok (this game made me a lil uncomfortable from the beginning), but he bounced back up more excited and wanted another turn.
Avery decided she wanted to take a turn too!
Hanging with the guys
Avery playing dress up... not sure why she's not happy...
Block building has also become an activity Avery loves. She'll build a tower as high as she can, knock it over and giggle and giggle about it!
I love watching how focused and particular she is

More fun with blocks
Avery helping Daddy get stuff together to go fishing with Mr. Brian
This was one of those days she picked out her own outfit... she is Miss Independent
Fishing with Mr. Brian
They caught a pretty big bass!
Then Miss Claibourne took her to see her horse, Shadow! She kept telling me after we left that she wanted a horse...
Happy Easter! Avery in her Easter dress and wanting to play instead of let me get pictures of her
This was my life...always at the computer writing papers. That last semester I had 4 upper level English classes and a dance elective I had put off, but in that class we had to write papers every few weeks on different types of dance. I was always writing papers!!! This picture reminded me of one evening when I had put Avery to bed and was working on a paper. She came out with a pencil and paper and told me she would "write my paper, cause mom, it's too hard for you!" I couldn't keep from laughing because she was so serious. She still is always grabbing her backpack and telling us she wants to go to school!
Love this Girl!
Story time -- She lines up her stuffed animals and will read to them the same way the lady at the library does. With the books she doesn't know, it is funny to listen to the stories she comes up with. She has a very vivid imagination.
Little Miss "I don't want to go to bed" in her Lightning McQueen slippers
Daddy is her best buddy
Uncle Jason worked at Chuck e Cheese for a bit and would take Avery. She was so excited for her little dates with him... she'd come home, hang her pictures on the fridge and tell me, "Mom, we go to ChuckeCheese without you today!"
Princess Avery, when Dora is on TV I can never get her attention!

Picking strawberries with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa at Washington Farms.
Avery loves parties and I had been promising her a party once I finished school. We had an "ice cream sundae" party. She invited her friends over and we had lots of toppings for the kids to choose from and make their own sundaes!
Here is what some of them looked like
Avery and her cute friends!!! Little Logan with all the girls. Here in Arkansas it is quite different! All the kids Avery's age are little boys
Avery and Reese
Avery cheesing it up with Kayden
Giving Logan a hug, or putting him in a headlock?! The Beckstead's have already come to visit us in Arkansas and Avery was sad to see Logan leave!
Avery and Ellie (Ellie's mom, Miss Shauna, babysat Avery my last year of school and she loves them and going to their house. It is so sweet because not once during this past year has she forgot their family {Mr. Dave, Miss Shauna, Eli, Ellie, and Baby Owen} in her night time prayers!)
Avery and her Brown Bear book. While my family was in town for graduation Avery sat in a chair in the middle of the room and read/recited this book to them verbatim! I have it on videotape, I'll have to post it. It is adorable, you can tell this book is read often. We got our library cards here in AR and her newest recitation is the book "Goodnight Moon 1, 2, 3"
Avery and Addi at the Jump place in the mall
This past Sunday Avery said, "Mommy, Addi and Kayden come to this nursery in AR?" I told her that they wouldn't because they were in GA. She got really upset and told me she wanted them in "Erkensas nursery". I felt so bad, it was the first time she has cried (with respect to the move) since we have been here :(
Avery and Cody at Burger King
Beautiful Lake Hartwell for Uncle Jason's birthday
More Avery and Cody... why do we buy kids toys when they have way more fun with a cardboard box? They played and laughed in this box for forever!
I love our complex here for lots of reasons... but one of the big ones is we have a pool and it wears her out! She takes some good naps:)
I've pulled out all the baby stuff for when the new baby arrives... Avery thinks she needs to use them. I let her eat lunch in the high chair and even though she is too big for it, she conked out in it!
We are settled in here and liking it A LOT! Joey likes his program and I'm loving the fact I have an ice maker, two bathrooms, and a pool! + we have already made some good friends:) Having the gospel makes moving a bit easier. Its like you get a built in network of friends instantly!!!