Sunday, January 17, 2010

Family Pictures

Here are some of my favorites from the family pictures Joey's Dad took for us! We are so spoiled to have such a talented photographer so close and willing to do pictures for us:) In the beginning Avery was not cooperative and refused to wear her shoes. Desperate for some good pictures I said, "ok, fine she doesn't have to wear her shoes." (Independent 2 year olds...)
While Avery was calming down we got a shot of just the two of us

Not a perfect picture, but definitely an honest is Avery's ok fine I'll take a picture face

Such a cutie!

I love the scenery!

My little dare devil

The one below is my favorite... the reversal of what people do for pictures---Everybody frown... hahaha :)

I loved this bridge

& another of my FAVORITES!!! ....Daddy's little girl!



Joey has been extremely busy these past few months as I have been way more sick and tired with this pregnancy than the last. (Luckily I was the sickest after finals/ during the break and it hasn't affected me in my schooling) I am so grateful for him and his willingness to just take Avery out for a few hours so I can get some rest in a quiet house, he is always cleaning and picking up so I don't have to, and other various things I would regularly do! He is the BEST! Here is Avery at Kaden's birthday party. (Joey took her for me... she had been looking forward to it, as the invitation was on the fridge and she kept asking everyday, "Kaden birthday party today?") Two of my friends in the ward and myself had our first baby girls just within months of each other and it is so fun to watch them play together!
Along with pulling Mr. Mom duty Joey has still been able to enjoy his hobbies of golfing and fishing with his lab buddies. He has also taken up a new interest in woodworking. He made a really nice wooden pen for his dad. It turned out nicely!
Also during the semester he was able to travel with his marine biology class on a field trip down to Sapelo Island where UGA has a research facility.

We missed him but he was full of so many fun stories about his trip when he returned I was so glad that he was able to go!

Here is the facility where they stayed

Friday, January 15, 2010


Thanksgiving "Grandma and Grandpa Scruffy" (I think I have mentioned before Avery distinguishes her grandparents by their dogs) came from TX to visit along with my brothers. It was an eventful weekend:) I don't know why we didn't get more pictures but here are a few...
I convinced Robert to go on what he thought was a 2 mile run with me cause he kept talking trash that he could beat me... well, I tricked him and took him on a 4 mile route and I smoked him. He would have beat me had we only done 2 miles (I am not a short distance runner but I knew I could beat him if I added some length, plus he didn't pace himself since he thought he was only running two miles). He wasn't too happy with me that night but he was the next morning:) What are big sisters for?!?!
We made a deal that if Joey would start running with me, I would go golfing with him. Joey has been doing some running lately, even if he has to bundle up Avery and take her along. Guess I better get ready to go golfing...maybe I can just drive the golf cart?!?!
It is so fun for me to watch my younger siblings interact with Avery. Ryan changed one of Avery's overnight diapers and that was hilarious! I'm just helping prepare them to be good daddies one day. Their future wives will thank me:) Avery has definitely hit the terrible twos and I think that she may have irritated them a little, but I just tell them Rose and I had to put up with you them when they were younger!!!
My mom took these pics as this is a daily routine of mine and Avery's. While mommy is putting on makeup, Avery thinks she needs to be too. Her #1 item she wanted for Christmas was chapstick, "chapstick like mommy's makeup!"
I know I am biased but I think Avery looks absolutely beautiful in this picture even with her crazy morning hair:) & Drumroll please.... Some exciting news was divulged Thanksgiving and we got a video of Rose's announcement that her and Bryan are expecting a baby June 14! Be sure to watch my dad; he is the funniest.