Monday, October 27, 2008


So this was so funny... We laid Avery down for a nap and I guess before she fell asleep she found my sister's makeup bag! Luckily she didn't put any of it on but it was hilarious to walk in on her conked out with a pile of makeup all around her! You still have a few more years Avery!!!
Avery with Grandma and Grandpa Grebe! We already miss ya'll!

The lovely couple! My sister and I flew in for a quick trip to TX for one of our very bestest friend's wedding! Joey wasn't able to come with me because he had a lot of school work and midterms, so it was Avery and myself on a plane! Luckily, it wasn't difficult at all; the nicest lady sat by me on the way there and she slept most of the plane ride back. We had a great time!


Robyn's Wedding Pictures. They have a cute story.... they met at EFY four years ago (she had him from the time he heard her TX accent) and he still had her contact info. that luckily had not changed! They found each other four years later and here they are married!!!

My beautiful sister Renee! carrying on the Varsity cheerleader tradition in the Grebe family! Love ya and miss ya!

Avery was all decked out to support the BOBCATS!!! What a CUTIE!

My Mom, Avery and I at the Hallsville High School football game vs our rival Pine Tree, it couldn't have been a better weekend for some TX high school football. It was fun and I got to see some of the people I had graduated with!

Ryan, Rachel & Avery, Robert, Rosanne, and Renee (all my siblings and Avery) I love them so much!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekend with the Cousins

Fun with the cousins! The first night we made little ghosts. They are nutter butters covered in white chocolate and chocolate chips are used for the two eyes and mouth. Avery was sleeping when we did this activity but it was probably best. She would have been a mess. We'd all drop them in the chocolate and I'd pull them out for them to embellish with the chocolate chips. mmmmm......They tasted so good! (I wanted a picture of them before we ate them, so I had to get Joey to take the picture fast!)
More pictures with the cousins!
Avery is growing up so fast and catching onto everything. Whenever I say, "Avery its time to go bye-bye", she immediately walks to the front door and if I'm too slow to get there she'll start tapping on it. The other day I was doing some reading for school and she brought her shoes to me. I took them from her and sat them on the couch. She picked them up again and handed them to me this time by grabbing my hand and putting the shoe in my hand. I couldn't help but laugh. She wanted her shoes on. So I put them on and she walked to the door. I quit my reading and walked outside with her. I love these little moments that she brings to my life! It's amazing to watch kids grow and learn!

Joey took Avery and Jill's boys Nikki, Anthony and Christpher to our favorite park and they had a lot of fun! Avery just kept trying to keep up with them.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Football = Religion in GA!!!

I love the Texas Longhorns, but the first time I sat in Sanford stadium at kick off when all the fans yell, "Gooooooo Dogs sick 'em" and started barking you can't help but feel the passion these people possess for their team. I got chill bumps and after 3 years of living here and attending the games I'll confess if the Dawgs played the Longhorns, I'd have to cheer for the BULLDAWGS!!!!

Is this not one of the most beautiful places you've seen?!?!?! 92,746 Dawg fans all in black! (well with the exception of the 'bama fans who wore white)
Just a couple of pictures of Joey and I. We look tired in all these pics but we sure had a fun filled day. We got to see Lee Corso and Kirk Urbstreit (sp?) then head to the blackout game that night. The only way it could have been better was if The Dawgs had won; but it's ok we'll see 'Bama at the SEC championship game in Atlanta!!!

So we got up around 5:30AM (yes we are crazy I know!) and headed down to where gameday was set up. When we got there the line was already forever long but we stood and waited to get in. We didn't get in but we were lucky enough to get right on the fence. There were crazier fans than us who said they'd waited since 1AM! I love it! Around 10am campus and everywhere surrounding was flooded with tailgaters. Kids of all ages throwing footballs and getting geared up for the game. IT'S INCREDIBLE!!! Jenni came out and watched Avery so Joey and I could both go. We had a blast acting like kids again staying up late and running around campus yelling for the BULLDAWGS!!!

This is the actual picture that college gameday took for us!! The picture of Knowshon hurdling Nick Saban Jason made! Everyone seemed to love that poster!

Here are a few of our favorite signs from gameday that were appropriate to post! We absolutely love Knowshon Moreno in this house! It's so fun to see him on TV as this big star and then as an everyday guy walking around campus!!!

So here's our crew heading off to the game! The girl next to me is our friend, Samantha, and I love her because we both share a true passion for football. She had a ticket to the game but about a week and half before gave it to her husband to use! A couple days later the Bulldogs called for a "black out" and also announced that ESPNs gameday was coming to Athens. At this point she was wishing she had her ticket back. The Thursday before the game USC (who was ranked #1) lost to Oregon St. (hahaha) and she couldn't bare it! She told him oh I wish I was going and he told her she could have her ticket back. She unhesitantly took her ticket back and came with us to the game! (Joey was taking the pic)

Before the game we went to the Dawg Walk which is a ton of fun! The band plays and Coach Richt and the players are there! The fans form around as the players enter the stadium. It's just a really great way to get the fans and the players pumped up!!!

So, the game in the second half was a bit more fun than the first half when they basically manhandled us! This was the last pic we took of the night because we wanted to remember nothing after this point. The good news is they were able to spring back from the loss and beat Tennessee and Vanderbilt and as of right now the Bulldogs control their own fate, so Let's start by declawing the LSU Tigers!!!! As for the black jerseys..... and the black out I don't think they'll bring those back out this season.